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Nepal Bird Watching

Nepal is bird watcher's paradise. Nepal has various types of birds that are endangered too. It boasts 848-recorded species of birds. An ardent bird watcher can travel the length and breadth of Nepal exploring mountain birds. Birding is possible everywhere in Nepal from the hot plains to the mountainous region.

Some Major places For Bird watching.:

Koshi Barrage and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

These lies to the far east of Nepal. The Koshi is great for waterfowl and waders with about 26 varieties of ducks alone. The method of viewing birds in the Koshi by boat, gliding through the waters in the stillness of the early morning and evening. The reserve has more than 450 species of birds including Honey Kites, Ospreys; Black headed Orioles, Black Ibis, Peregrine Falcon, Storks, Partridges.

The Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve

The area lies 12km north of the capital city. Laughing Thrush, Crested Serpent Eagle, Ruby-Throats, Babblers and Little pied flycatchers have been sighted in this area. Besides Shivapuri, Nagarjune at an altitude 2100m displays various types of birds such pheasants, magpies, Ruby-throats and Sunbirds.

Chitwan National Park

The park is the well-known site in Nepal for bird watching activities. The park has around 500 recorded species of birds including Stork billed kingfishers, Asian paradise flycatchers, Bee-eaters, Blue Indian roller and Cormorants.

Bardia National Park

Bardia is also the paradise for bird watching. The best location to see the birds is the mighty flowing Karnali River. Boating on the Karnali River is a great way to see the various types of birds such as Oriental pied hornbills, Night Herons, Ruddy Shell duck, Purple herons.

The Kathmandu valley

It has four main bird watching areas. One can start on the banks of the Bagmati and Manohara Rivers. Kingfishers, Egrets, Ibis bill, Wood sand pipers, Plovers, Herons are sighted along these areas. The Chovar gorge is particularly recommended as an area for birds as its isolation from human habitation has encouraged their presence.

Phulchowki hill

It is another ideal site with a Red-headed Trogan (it was last seen 44 years ago), a very rare bird sighted here in 2000. It lies 18km southeast of Kathmandu at an altitude 2760m. About 90 species of birds have been recorded in this area including Babbler, Cutia, Endemic spring, Mountain hawk Eagle, Black-throated parrot bill and Rufous Bellied pied woodpeckers.

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